Indian Oasis High School & Middle School
About Our School

Indian Oasis High School and Middle School is specifically for students who will reach their academic goals through means other than the traditional school setting. Our teaching uses a variety of methods, which allows learning to take place through several different avenues. The impressive result is the academic, physical, social, and emotional success of our students.

Our program offers students the flexibility of being able to complete coursework at their own pace, while simultaneously giving them social contact with peers and personal mentorship from invested instructors. We have the best of both worlds, and our students thrive in this non-traditional learning environment.

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Our Mission Statement

The Indian Oasis Middle and High School will work in partnership with families and communities to prepare students as leaders. The school mission, in addition to providing a high quality education environment, is to ensure each student can grow and excel in the skills and knowledge they need to compete in a global society while also retaining values, culture, and heritage.

Our Vision Statement

The students and staff at Indian Oasis Middle and High School will work collaboratively to create a safe and conducive environment that empowers lifelong learning. Our students will have the knowledge they need to excel, while also retaining connections to the O'odham culture and the community. Students will have mastery of the necessary skills to excel while also being encouraged to think and act with kindness, making them an unstoppable and determined group of future leaders and contributors to the Tohono O'odham Nation and beyond.

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