Indian Oasis High School & Middle School
About Our School

Indian Oasis High School and Middle School is specifically for students who will reach their academic goals through means other than the traditional school setting. Our teaching uses a variety of methods, which allows learning to take place through several different avenues. The impressive result is the academic, physical, social, and emotional success of our students.

Our program offers students the flexibility of being able to complete coursework at their own pace, while simultaneously giving them social contact with peers and personal mentorship from invested instructors. We have the best of both worlds, and our students thrive in this non-traditional learning environment.

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Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to prepare every student to become college and career ready by engaging our students in a highly personalized learning environment.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission here at Indian Oasis Middle School and High School is to provide students with a supportive and engaging environment where students have access to a hybrid curriculum that integrates computer-based learning with direct instruction to meet the needs of all learning styles. As an alternative school, we are dedicated to students who are credit deficient as well as those that seek to learn at an accelerated pace. 


District Vision Statement

Our students will be loved, encouraged, and prepared to take on the world by embracing our Himdag. 


District Mission Statement

We create Healthy, Inspiring, Motivating, Developing, Achieving Graduates.


Small but Mighty
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